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Wedding      wedding or just want to be a star at your next party... We can put 

                         together a routine just for you !!! Any style you wish !!! From 

                         private rehearsal to public performance !!!                 

                         1 hour  rehearsal - $70   (one couple private sessions)  

Dancing with You     you could be that Star. Are you brave enough ?

                                           Then just come and dance with us. Your partner will be

                                           Max or Svetlana. We start from discussion of your dream 

                                           dance and then take it from there. Remember, you can try it for FREE.

                                          1 hour rehearsal - $70     (private sessions)

Routine    we can choreograph a routine for your special event. For example:

                     graduation, social, birthday party etc. Dance styles could include:

                     hip-hop, salsa, tango, disco, broadway, tap, waltz, samba, cha-cha,

                     swing, charleston, rumba and more.

                     Choreography work - $200

                     1 hour rehearsal      - $70 

Girls Night Out    having night out with your girlfriends tonight? Come to our

                                    school and enjoy learning some dance combos. You name

                                    the dance styles.

                                   1 hour of fun - $20 per person (15 people max)