Tuesday 5:30  -      Jazz   (girls 9-12 years old)

Tuesday 6:30  -     My routine  (adults / women only) 

                                         We put together a fun routine in the variety of genres.  If you like Zumba - Great, take it to the next level. No previous dance experience required. 

                                                  Samba                  -  September, October

                                               Disco                    -  November, December

                                               Pop-Stage            -  January, February

                                               Electro Swing      -  March, April, May

                                       At the end of each term you will be introduced to the next dance routine so you can decide whether you stay or skip it.

Thursday 5:30  -    Barre Code  (adults / women only)

                                        This class is a fusion of body strength and grace. No previous dance experience required. Students are going to perform a variety of exercises at the bar

                                        and on  the center. If you like a physical challenge - this class is for you. 

Thursday 8:30  -    Social Dance (adults / couples only)

                                        Bring your significant other and spend time learning steps of Salsa, Waltz, Rumba, Swing and more. No previous dance experience required.

Saturday 11:00 -    Ballet  (girls 7-8 years old)

Saturday 11:00  -  Hip-Hop  (boys / girls 8-10 years old)

Saturday 12:00  -  Salsa Wiggles  (girls 7- 9)

                                          We choreograph Salsa, Samba, Cha-Cha and more in the form of line routine.






- Winter Break                                                      December 25,  2017 - January 7,  2018

- Spring Break                                                       March 26,  2018 - April 1,  2018                                                      

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